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The Team

Our approach is to provide exceptional, reliable and value added services in a manner that encourages the professional and personal advancement of our staff, as well as the financial well being of our clients.

We recruit individuals who we feel are sympathetic to our vision and philosophy and whose record evidences the initiative required to perform over and above the specification of their job. We look for the  ambition to progress towards their own career goals coupled with a desire to contribute, within our team,  to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

We provide each team member with wide ranging, ‘on’ and ‘off’ the job training, tailored to their individual needs and wants.

If you are a suitably qualified accounting professional and believe you have the attributes to contribute to the success of our clients and the quality of our team, we would be pleased to hear from you.  

Please email us, in the first instance, attaching an up to date cv, and including a short and thoughtfully composed letter explaining your own philosophy towards the people you work with and the clients on whose business you work. Please note that this letter plays an important part in our decision as to whether to invite you to interview.

You can read about the experiences shared by some of our present and former team members, below.  



I joined Sterling in November 2015 as a Junior accountant. I was provided with continuous, ongoing support which allowed me to become ACCA qualified quite swiftly. Throughout my time at Sterling I was able to progress to a senior accountant and ultimately a supervisor,  as Sterling is a great place to learn and build your experience. There are plenty of opportunities for professional and personal development, with regular CPD courses, helpful colleagues and ongoing feedback from managers and partners.

Sterling is a very modern and digitalised practice which enables staff to keep up with future changes and compliance.

Sterling is not only an excellent employer, it is a family. Sterling is a workplace where you feel like you're at home, and you look forward to going to work every day. I've built strong friendships with the Sterling team and partners, and they are a lovely group of people. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prakash Jariwala (Managing partner) who originally hired me and gave me the confidence to grow. I loved working for Prakash and I wouldn't be where I am today without his continued support and guidance.

Samir Das  (2019) 

I have worked with sterling for just over a year. It was a big jump from my previous job in terms of the type of work I undertook, from compliance to advisory work. I was given an opportunity to undertake tax work in areas where I had very little or no practical experience. The partners gave me a lot of support and time to research and provide effective solutions to the clients. My tax experience increased in leaps and bounds working for Sterling. I am ever so grateful to Prakash Jariwala, Bharat Vanza and Dilip Doshi for giving me this opportunity. It is one of the best employers that I have ever worked. 

Hemlata Singh  (2019)


I worked for Sterling for almost five years. During my time at Sterling, I was exposed to variety of sectors which enhanced my exposure across audit, financial reporting and taxation significantly. The paper less working environment was an added bonus which improved my working techniques. All this enabled me to pursue my career further in a top 10 UK firm later.


Umer Siddiqi  (2017)

I got opportunity to be part of Sterling in June 2012 and my memorable journey began from then through till August 2016. Partners and colleagues welcomed me as a new family member , which made easier for me, to settle in from first day itself. When I joined Sterling I did not know much about the softwares and my technical knowledge was also too raw. I still remember how Prakash with full patience taught me about factoring, on my very first day. I just want to say a big thank you to Prakash, Bharat and Dilipbhai for teaching me and inspiring me and also for providing all the support and help during last 4 years, which has helped me grow.

Sterling is the best employer one could have and the best accountancy firm, who provides full support to learn and grow.

The time that I have spent at Sterling is one of the best times of my life and I do still miss working at Sterling. I wish Sterling continues to grow and continues to deliver success without stress to its clients.

Aarohi Shah (2017)

I recommend Sterling Chartered Accountants. They are one of the best accounting practices to learn your accounting skills and gain knowledge in such a short time. They use variety of accounting softwares and the three partners work in such diverse manner with so many different clients from variety of business sector that allowes someone like me to get fundamental and deep experience in the world of accountancy.

If you are looking for fast track your experience,  get a job at Sterling!!!

Ketheeswaranathan Kuruparan


I worked for Sterling for 5 years before leaving to join another company. I was then made redundant by my new employer and was going through personal problems in my life. I approached Mr Prakash Jariwala (Managing Partner at Sterling) to enquire whether I could re-join Sterling. He was very helpful and kind and offered me the opportunity to re-join Sterling in November 2009 as Personal Assistant to Partners. Over the period of my employment I have found Sterling, and all the partners including Mr Dilip Doshi and Mr Bharat Vanza, to be very supportive and  kind and to have a flexible approach. They have made a positive impact on my life. I continue to receive full support from them to progress further in my career and have decided to study for an AAT accountancy diploma, enabling me to become a qualified accountant in two years after completing my studies. This would have not been possible without Sterling’s support. I believe Sterling is not only an excellent employer but is very successful at  making a positive impact for their clients, to whom they are very dedicated and for whom they provide personalised and excellent service. It is my pleasure to work for such a great company and to continue to do so.

Namrata Kaur


My journey with Sterling began back in 2007, and lasted through to August 2011. (I can’t imagine how quickly that time went by.) The time I spent at Sterling will always be one of my best at any employer. I find it hard to explain in words the mutual support that cascades through Sterling between the partners and other staff members. This was completely different to what I had experienced in my previous employment. When I joined Sterling, I needed all the help I could get to familiarise myself with the different software, systems and procedures. I was able to succeed in this only because of the help I received from the whole team of Sterling.

Sterling provided me with the springboard that led me to the next stage of my career, with Ernst & Young. The training, courses and on the job coaching I received at Sterling were immensely helpful.

Sterling did not just help me in my professional career but also helped me to grow personally. Although everyone helped me to achieve my goals, I cannot ignore the motivation and support provided by Prakash Jariwala, and the imprint that his character left on me. I always wish Sterling the very best for the future, and I have no doubt it will grow to be one of the top firms within its arena.

Having now worked at Ernst & Young, I can proudly say that the values and ethos that I observed at Sterling are on a par with those to be found in one of the biggest firms in the world. I have no hesitation in saying that, if I had to start my career again, there is nowhere I would love to start it again more than at Sterling.

I would like to say “Thank You” to all the partners and colleagues. I am very proud to have been able to progress my financial career on the solid roots acquired at Sterling, an organisation where the values of an individual are always put first.

Kamran Khalid  ACCA  MBA(Dip)


I can proudly say that I am the product of Sterling! We at Sterling focus on quality and innovation and I have always been made to feel like I can make the difference. There was always a great working atmosphere, to the extent that I looked forward to going to work every day. I am extremely proud of the years that I spent at Sterling and am very happy to see the firm growing further and advancing to the next level. I wish Sterling every the success in the future.

Irfan Zuberi ACA, ACCA, BSc


I joined Sterling in 2005, I have never known a firm which looks after its employee like Sterling does. It is a family-oriented practice and everyone who works there is like a family member to me. Sterling has created an environment where good staff members advance and achieve significant career development. The firm values training that increases the staff’s confidence in dealing with every aspect of the work. My very best to everyone at Sterling.

Bernard Tan ACCA, BA


Sterling Accountants was my first job. Looking back, their greatest asset is the way the Partners have created an environment which encourages the growth of individuals. For a small firm, they are surprisingly forward thinking and dynamic, which aids in improving individual skill sets. The sky really is the limit here and it’s up to you how high you want to go. The Partners operate an open door policy and are always available, as are the other staff, so you never feel like you cannot ask a question. A fantastic place to start your career. Sometimes I wish I could go back!

Viren Jariwala ACCA, BSc(Hons)