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Company background

Sterling was established in 1992 by Prakash Jariwala, who remains our Managing Partner. Our two Audit Partners, Dilip Doshi and Bharat Vanza, joined the company in 2000, each bringing with them many years of experience in commerce and general accounting practice.

From the outset, Sterling has been committed to providing a highly personalised service of the very highest quality. We strive to create an environment which stimulates regular contact between the partners, other members of our team and our clients. We take a whole hearted interest in our clients’ affairs, both personal and business, as we believe this to be the correct and most durable way in which to develop the kind of long term relationships that enable us to contribute to their longterm peace of mind and prosperity.

Growing Sterling to the company you see today

Sterling has grown steadily from a sole practitioner firm at inception to a three partner and three manager firm. The staff we employ are not only well-qualified, but were chosen for (and have further developed with us) their initiative, commitment to succeed and passion to serve our clients.

The quality and stability of this team enables us to provide a range of services normally fully available only in much larger firms, without the associated higher fees, and while retaining the personal engagement that is central to our approach.

Sterling as a trusted business partner

Sterling has gone from strength to strength in its commercial work by bridging a gap found in many, if not all, small and medium sized enterprises.

Such firms would almost always benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a full-time financial expert, but are frequently unable to justify this as in-house resource.

Sterling steps in to fill this void, finding an ideal balance between the levels of financial expertise required by a client and the fees that it is able to justify.

Our track record for holding on to our clients, as well as for receiving regular and solid referrals from them, is testimony to both the success and popularity of this approach.