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About Sterling

Established in 1992, Sterling is a recognised and well-regarded company of chartered accountants, based in Harrow, Middlesex.

Our reputation has been achieved by providing each client with a level of personal involvement that enables us to understand the individual, the demands and expectations of his or her personal and family liabilities, and the characteristics and needs of their business.

By viewing these dynamics together, we are able to provide a service that we believe transcends the offer, however competently provided, of many accounting firms.

The result of our approach is to help each client:

  • be in a position to achieve their evolving lifestyle and financial goals;
  • be able to plan and provide effectively for the security of their families;
  • gain maximum financial and professional benefits from their business, and the opportunities open to it.

We believe that without maintaining this holistic view of a client’s goals, responsibilities and business, it is difficult to do more than carry out audits and file returns. Armed with such an understanding, however, we are able to provide clients with technical expertise on which they know they can rely, informed strategic guidance and, perhaps most valuably of all, ready access to advisers who fully understand their situation and have their best interests at heart.

How we organise Sterling to provide this service.

Providing a service of this kind has meant shaping both our own business, and our client portfolio, with great care.

We maintain a compact Partner tier, underpinned with an experienced and trusted team of managers and support staff who share and participate in our vision of how we can best add value for clients.

On the client side, we look to work with individuals for whom there is real value in finding accountants

willing and able to view their personal and business interests holistically.

How we approach your business

Our technical expertise of course includes tax planning and financial management, as well as knowledgeable and thoughtful consultancy relating to the development and growth of your business.

In common with all good accountants, we aim to minimise tax liabilities, using allowances, relief, claims and other legal measures efficiently to ensure you do not pay more tax than you are legally required to.

We operate with a high degree of cost efficiency, employing the latest technology, up to date accountancy and tax software, and continuous staff training.

Our aim is to provide every client with worry free accounting, valuable and actionable guidance and exceptional value for money.

Our ultimate aim, however, is to make the personal and business lives of all our clients easier, more prosperous and more professionally fulfilling.

STGCA LLP t/a Sterling
505 Pinner Road
0208 515 2929
0208 515 2939

VAT Number: 388 0921 64
Company Registration Number: OC427705